Amanda Powell Digital is focussed on providing professional and affordable social media marketing solutions for startups and small businesses to attract, engage and connect with their target audience through the power of social media.

How would you like to do more of what you love to do and less of what you have to do?

Hi, I’m Amanda and I make digital marketing for your business simple and stressfree! I offering professional and affordable online marketing solutions to help build brand awareness, engage your target market, generate leads and sales + so much more.

You’re already busy running your business. You don’t need to lose sleep over worrying about social media. I can help! 

I’m sure you know by now every business needs an online presence. Many business owners are opting to outsource their digital marketing as opposed to taking the time to learn it themselves. 

That’s where I come in. Let me help your business grow by harnessing the amazing power of digital marketing!

Here’s what I can do for your business.

Digital Marketing services are in high demand. In this fast-paced, ever-changing online world, your business progression can depend on what you do – or don’t do – online. Set your business up for success with my effective and essential digital marketing solutions!


Set up your shiny new social media accounts and teach you how to use them properly


Create, curate and schedule effective and engaging content that attracts eyeballs and stops thumbs


Take over the day-to-day management of all of your social media accounts


Monthly reporting to check how your social media accounts are doing


Increase your followers and boost traffic to your website


Run your email marketing campaigns and with full tracking and reporting


Track any mentions of your brand and monitor your social media accounts


Plus so much more!

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What my awesome clients have said.

... a fabulous communicator ...

“I have been fortunate to collaborate on a number of projects with Amanda Powell, of Amanda Powell Digital and the results are consistently brilliant. She is a fabulous communicator and I love that she complements my content and narrative development offering so well!” Read more.

– Meredith Papas, iScribe Consulting

... doing a great job ...

“I highly recommend Amanda Powell Digital because she understood what my business needs and is doing a great job!” Read more.

– Arianna Pavan, Australian Way Agency

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