Hello, I’m Amanda. I look forward to working with you!

Professionally, I am a creative and energetic social media enthusiast with over 8 years experience in social media marketing and almost a decade of experience with designing, building and maintaining WordPress websites. 

I have a proven history of creating engaging and compelling content for a multitude of social media platforms. 

I know my RTs from my CPCs. I have a deep-seated passion for helping new businesses to launch, and for getting already established ones off the ground through harnessing the power of social media.

I’ve worked with businesses from micro to mid-sized and everything in between.

I thrive on keeping on top of social media trends. I’m tech-savvy and a great communicator with superior organisational skills – an absolute must for managing your social media accounts.

I have a drive for learning all there is to know about the social media industry and I enjoy the challenge of staying ahead of a dynamic marketing platform.

Amanda Powell

Amanda Powell

Social Media Manager

  • Mother of three boys
  • Wife of 16 years
  • Business owner
  • University student
  • Cattle grazier
  • Planner/dreamer
  • Coffee addict
  • Paper lover

Social Platforms I’m Confident With

  • Facebook 85%
  • Instagram 85%
  • Twitter 80%
  • Pinterest 75%
  • Snapchat 80%
  • Google+ 65%
  • LinkedIn 60%
  • YouTube 50%

My Mad Skills


Social Media Marketing


Wordpress Web Design


Email Marketing



All that aside, here is why you should work with me.


I can save you loads of time and stress.

For time-poor business owners, outsourcing your social media management so you can concentrate on the rest of your business makes sense. Save yourself the headache.


I have experience and I'm good at what I do.

I have been heavily involved in social media management, email marketing, content writing, media/customer relations and website maintenance for over a decade. I bring to the table a wide-ranged understanding of cutting-edge social media marketing tactics.


I'll work closely with you to be the voice of your brand.

Your business is my main focus and if you aren't happy, I'm not happy. We'll work together to acheive your social media marketing goals. 


I can increase your website traffic and build your audience.

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I take any opportunity I can to learn.

I'm constantly learning all I can about the social media industry and I stay on top of online marketing news and trends, which is a benefit to both of us.


Because they said so!

I've been in the social media game since it's inception. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. (Mmm... pudding.) Take a moment to have a read through my testimonials.