Good question.

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the functions of a blog compared to a website. Just what is the difference between the two? Although they both work in different ways and serve different purposes, both are crucial to increase your online exposure and strengthen your web presence.

So, what exactly is a blog?

Blogs are an online journal used to publish entries (or posts) regularly, which then appear in chronological order on the blogs homepage. A blog is generally informal, but not always. There are many professional or business blogs and the layout, be it personal or professional, is usually the same.

Blog posts can be about a particular niche subject or simply a topic the author has chosen to write about. Blogs are considered reader-friendly due to the high interactivity they offer readers. They can comment on a post sharing their feelings, opinions or their own experiences.

The content of a blog is very easy to update and returning readers can subscribe to receive new entries in their inbox. Blogs are also great for SEO because search engines love fresh, unique content. That’s exactly what you’re bringing when you publish a new blog post!

And what is a website?

A website is a group of several pages used to gather or deliver information. Generally of a formal nature and usually created with a specific purpose, a website has a focus on marketing. The content of a website is updated only if there are any changes to the products or services mentioned. Web sites don’t offer much along the lines of interacting with visitors as the main purpose is to inform.

By using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for your website, you are able to combine the personal side of a blog with the professionalism of a website and maintain it all yourself (or with a little help from yours truly). You can have both static web pages and also blog posts all in one location.

Incorporating a blog into your website could be a very valuable move for your business as they are indexed by search engines quicker and help to attract more traffic to your site!

Don’t get left behind!

These days it doesn’t have to be blog vs website as more and more businesses are incorporating a blog into their website as a means of targeting new customers. If you have been considering creating a new blog or adding one to your current website, I’d be happy to help. I can even write the blog posts for you! Contact me for a free consultation.

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