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This post is the first of a mini-series I’ve written on blogging for business (ironically, on my business blog). In part one, I cover what a business blog is all about, why your business needs a blog, and how your business can benefit from having a blog. 

Part two gets into the type of things you could write about on your business blog, how to drive traffic to your blog, and some useful tips on how to blog regularly when you don’t think you have the time. You’ll find all posts in the mini-series here.

This week I was approached by a local small business owner. He asked me if he should add a blog to his business website.

My short answer? Absolutely!

I took to my socials to ask other small business owners if they had a business blog and if not, why they chose not to. The answers varied from “I don’t have time to write regularly,” to “I don’t know what I’d write about,” and “I couldn’t write to save myself”.

Thankfully, it needn’t be a complicated task but it can be a time-consuming one. Hopefully, I can help to solve some of these issues in this mini-series of posts on business blogging.

I have always been quite the advocate for business blogging, and in my humble opinion, the advantages of having a business blog far outweigh any disadvantages.

With the advent of the Internet and social media, the relationship between a business and their customers has fundamentally changed forever. You may have noticed, blogs have most definitely made their presence known in recent years.

Ever since the early noughties, blogging has been an effective way for people to share their thoughts and experiences, promote awareness about certain issues, inform others about a topic or purely because they enjoy writing.

These days, more and more businesses are jumping on the blogwagon as an additional way to market their products or services. By adding a blog to your business website, your audience will see you not only as a valuable information source but also as a community-minded business.


So, what is a business blog?

A business blog is a dedicated section of a business website used to publish ‘posts’ written about industry-related topics. Business blogging is a completely legitimate marketing tactic and can prove very beneficial for your business when done correctly.


Why do I need a business blog?

Blogging for business has become a staple for many marketing strategies these days. There are many reasons a business should have a blog but here I’ll cover just a few.

1. To boost your credibility. Potential customers want to trust your business before they decide on making a purchase. Publishing high-quality, relevant news, and useful, informative posts related to your industry not only establishes your business as an industry thought-leader, it also helps to builds trust with your audience. Over time, you’ll become known as a go-to resource!
2. To encourage interaction. Blogs are great for engaging with your customers since they are a lot more interactive than your website or sales pages. Ensure the comments section of your blog is activated, and be sure to integrate social media share buttons on your posts. If someone likes what they’ve read, they can share it quickly and easily to their own network. This makes for a nice segue into the next reason…
3. For free promotion. A well-written and regularly updated blog can help to market almost any type of business. Blogging provides an immediate and unique form of advertising for your business – and it’s FREE! Leverage your existing online community by sharing your blog posts across all of your social media platforms and via email marketing campaigns.
How can my business benefit from having a blog?

The benefits to your business of having a regularly updated blog are plenty. Although not all of your customers read blogs, there is a great chance they use search engines like Google to find information or advice about a product or service before making a purchase. This is where they’ll discover your blog posts! The dynamic nature of a blog that is constantly being refreshed and updated, helps your posts to achieve higher rankings in search engines and, ultimately, appear in the searches of your potential customers.

Next week I’ll be publishing the next part in this series on business blogging where I’ll discuss the type of things you could write about on your business blog, how to drive traffic to your blog, and some useful tips on how to blog regularly.

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